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Asp.Net is a Web Framework for building web applications using both Web Forms or MVC (Model View Controller). Asp.Net was invented in January of 2002 by Microsoft as a way to build dynamic and professional looking server side web applications and sevices.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the languages of the web. HTML (Hyper Text MarkUp Language) is a markup language for building front end web pages that is visible to the user. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is designed to style your web pages, which can give you the ability to have them stand out from the rest. JavaScript is a front end web programming language to program and control your web sites.

C# is a professional object oriented programming language developed by Microsoft in the year 2000 by "Microsoft's Anders Hejlsberg". C# is used for building Server side web applications, Desktop/Windows applications, Mobile applications, and even some video games.

Sql Server had released its first version way back in the year of 1988 by Microsoft as a database manaement system. Sql Server is designed to store information from a website. With sql server you can create tables specific to information that needs to be saved such as: User Information, credit card information, and much more.