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About us:

CrossFireCoders runs an online adult coding school 18+ for anyone looking for a career change or is interested in learning a new skill. Our classes are faced paced, and will get you on the right path to building advance web applications, windows applications, and much more classes to come in the future. You will learn some of the best technologies used in web development, and prepared for your new future career. Each class will run at your own pace for each week, with no specific time that is needed to log into class. You can check out more on our Coding Classes by selecting from the main menu or by clicking here

Crossfirecoders also Specializes in building Web applications with ASP.NET, C#, SQL, and building mobile applications using Xamarin, and C#. We will build web or mobile applications for our clients by giving them the best quality possible. You can check out our prices here, soon. Our applications are built completely from scratch, and coding it to fit the clients needs. We will also do hosting for the clients websites on either a shared server or a private server, and will continue to do updates for clients applications as long as they need.

Our Complete Development Process



The top 3 languages are the languages of the web. We use HTML to write in the markup for your website. The HTML is what the user is going to see when browsing the application. CSS we use to style your webpages, and along with bootstrap. We will create our own style sheets to use in making your application stand out.

Responsive Design

We will build your application and test it on multiple devices to ensure that the clients Application is looking good on either a Phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. We will use bootstrap, and Javascript in testing the design on several different devices.


We Program our applications using C#, python, java. We will developer our web applications using the web framework ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC (Model View Controller). We will program your applications free of any errors or bugs, so that when you use your app there will be no server crashes, or errors, and any user errors that me be present. If there are problems with the product we will fix it and make it right.


We will test all web applications on multiple browsers before deploying it to the server. Some browsers have different ways of working or responding to the same code that may be working fine on another browser. if your application performs differently on a browser we will fix it and make it right.