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Here at CrossFireCoders we aim to make our development affordable and provide our clients with the best quality possible. When a client comes to us, our first priority is that they are satisfied with our service and quality and secondly, to maintain a high level of satisfaction throughout the entire process.

here at CrossFireCoders we collect our payments monthly from the client. We collect our payments from the client each month on the first in which that payment will cover the whole month of service. After the first month upon recieving our payment we allow a 5 day window in which you can cancel and be refunded for the first payment. The payment then becomes non-

refundable after the first 5 days in which the transaction was made. We give our clients that 5 day window in the event they need to cancel their order, and in that case you will get a full refund on the payment. After the 5 days the payment becomes locked in, you still have the opportunity to cancel, in which case the payment is not returned to the client. Please note that the 5 days include any day of the week including weekends and holidays. If we don’t receive final payment once everything is complete, than the product remains property of CrossFireCoders, and the client has no access to it until the payment has been made.

We also offer a second option for payment method is an hourly rate for the services. We will give you the best deal to fit your budget at an hourly rate. If you choose this option we will agree to bill you a set number of hours per week to accomplish the job. In this method there is no deposit that needs to be given ahead of time, but please note any payments made are non-refundable. At CrossFireCoders, we would like each payment to be made weekly or bi-weekly depending on what fits your budget best. If a payment due becomes two weeks overdue, CrossFireCoders has the right to immediately stop services until a paymentis made.

Once your product is finished, and later you decide that you want to add another page, form, or product, there will be an additional fee dependent on the item and the size of the project. In this case, there will be no additional deposit or hourly payment.

Once the product has been finished, and the client is satisfied with the outcome, the final payment is required. The client can decide to have CrossFireCoders host their product for a monthly fee. The client also has the option to take full control of the product and find a host for themselves, in which case CrossFireCoders is no longer responsible for the product.